Classy Lady

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I was sitting at the parking lot in my with my fiance finishing our fast food before going shopping. I noticed a girl who was obviously intoxicated stumbling around outside flirting with a guy in a truck. At first we thought it was amusing seeing her stumble and look like an idiot. She started pulling up her shirt to the man in the truck. I was grossed out but still thought it was funny until she pulled off her pants and started peeing in the parking lot! This was 2pm on a Saturday. I am normally a very reserved person but I immediately got out of my car and yelled that she was DISGUSTING and that there were children around! “There’s a bathroom 50ft away in the store” I yelled. Her response, “I don’t want to get hepatitis.” Along with some other extremely rude comments. I stormed off inside and she continued flirting with the guy in the truck. I walked to costumer service and lets just say she got a free ride to jail.

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