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As I was just about to go to the checkout lane at my local Wal-Mart when I heard some yelling. I hurried to the front to see what was going on. A large group of gangsta wannabes (mind you it’s NH so yes they were all white kids between 16 and 20) arguing. The argument erupted and some punches were thrown. Suddenly there was a large *BANG* and one of the kids fell to the floor clutching his leg. All I could think was “Holy s**t this dude just got shot in the leg!” All of the gangstas ran to the door and 2 of them helped their wounded “homie”. The cops and paramedics were automatically called. After a few hours of the cops asking everyone what they saw, I finally got home and called some friends and told them to watch the news, and caught the story of the “gang shooting”. A few hours later there was an update. The gunshot victim checked himself into the hospital where the police questioned him. Apparently in the scuffle, the kid went to reach for his 9mm hidden at his waist and shot himself.

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