Granny Panties

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When I was 17 I had the bright Idea that for my first job I would work at our local Walmart during the Christmas season…bad idea.
One day I was working a mid day shift and there was a pretty steady flow of people coming through my line, As I was checking out an elderly woman and her grown daughter the lane suddenly filled with an awful smell. Not wanting to be rude I didn’t say anything and kept checking out my customer. Before I could finish the daughter turns to her mom and then to me and informs me that “there’s a pile of poop on the floor and her very elderly mother seems to have stepped in it”. At this point I was humiliated and grossed out beyond belief so I apologized and called a manager over, they handed the lady some paper towels while also apologizing and explaining that a small child must have had an accident and helped her to the bathroom, but it wasn’t until the older woman was walking off that I noticed the trail of..feces was coming from her dress!!! She had pooped in my aisle!!! Her daughter had to have known it was her mother…you could SEE it coming from under her clothes!
Needless to say, I quit shortly after that day.

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