How awkward is it that they both showed up as the same Village People character?


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I’m On A Boat!


I’m riding on a Dolphin, doing flips and shit. This dolphin’s splashing, getting everybody all wet.


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I.D. Please

I was working the 3rd shift at my local Walmart, it was 11pm and I was cashiering due to long lines. A younger couple in their teens came up to my register and wanted to purchase some age restricted movies so I asked for some ID. The younger male did not have his ID with him at the time. The girlfriend said “Are you f**king serious!!!!!” I told her as nicely as I could ” Yes, sorry but if I fail to see an ID I could lose my job. It’s the law.” She then THREW her ID at me and I proceeded to ring up the sale.

At this time the boyfriend pulls out his wallet and tries to pay with a credit card. I told him that I was unable to allow the transaction to happen without his ID. This really angered the young couple, to the point where they were cussing me out. I then tell the couple, “If you have an ATM card there is a machine right over by the customer service desk.” After hearing that they storm off very mad and leave the store.

About 20 minuets later, the same couple came back with his ID. So at that time I finish the transaction and tell them to have a nice night. The man looks at me and says, “I hope you can sleep well tonight knowing you did your job, BITCH!” At this point I couldnt fight back the comments “Actually, yes, I will sleep GREAT knowing I still have my job.” The girlfriend turns to me and tells me “You’re nothing but a DIRTY WHORE!”

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You Guys Want Some Cookies?

I pulled into the local Wal-Mart over the weekend and saw something that I had to pass on. The Girl Scouts were out front selling cookies, approaching customers as they exited the store.

Two little girls, about 8 years old go bouncing up to this old woman in one of those electric scooter/shopping cart things. “Hi, we are with—-”

They are interrupted by the old woman shouting: “You two can go fuck yourselves!” The little girls and the parents were stunned into silence. The cranky old woman rolled off towards her car, not saying anything else.

I was sort of horrified but still choking back laughter as I strolled into the store.

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