No Velvet Rope Here


Two things. 1) I’m beginning to doubt the exclusivity of your V.I.P. club. 2) Until somebody can wear these pants right, I still have a ‘Very Impotent Penis’.

North Carolina

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Generation Next


My man here has the head of a 45 year old, the torso of a teenager, and the feet of an 80 year old with those sweet orthopedic velcro shoes. He’s like three generations all rolled into one.


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Sweet Cheeks


I can see the complete shape of your ass so I would say that wearing those little guys as shorts is completely useless.


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You guys rule. I bet there was a time or two that I could have been a possible candidate the way I was dressed shopping there. Don’t listen to the haters, they might even be on the site for all we know. You guys make me laugh, a lot!

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