He Got It All


I still can’t figure out why the whole “suspenders and sweatpants” trend never caught on. I think the “loafers and sweatpants” look is big in college but I guess they just haven’t found the wonderful world of suspenders yet.


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Point ‘Em Out


Uuggghhhh….ya know, sometimes i’m just too tired to yell at someone. I feel like at this point I’m bettor off lecturing a wall, so I’m just gonna let you guys yell at her.

New York

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Pimpin’ For Halloween


Here is the bottom line….If we don’t get a picture of someone dressed as the Hall of Fame legend Willy the Pimp for Halloween, we might just burn this whole mother f*cker down. So check out our contest page and get on it.


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Save Candles


Well, it’s my birthday today so this is more of a message to those people close enough to me that are having trouble thinking of a gift for me…. 🙂


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