Sunday’s Chili


I like to have a glass of milk and a little snack before I go to bed, but I guess getting a crock-pot for chili is another viable option.

North Carolina

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Lack Of Commitment


I’d be less disturbed if I didn’t see the outline of his bra…not sure why that would lessen it, you would think I would appreciate the commitment, but somehow it does.


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Flower Powerful


Well I guess being obsessed with outlandish flower patterns is better than flames or plaid or horse genitals! That last one might be a stretch but you get my point.


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Two Arrested For Taking A Joy Ride On A Motorized Cart

A motorized shopping cart took a detour to a strip club after it was stolen from a Wal-Mart outside Huntington, WV.

The Herald-Dispatch reports that a Wal-Mart customer saw a man driving the cart along U.S. 60 early Monday morning. A woman was walking behind the cart.

Police found the cart on the highway near the strip club.

Citing criminal complaints, the newspaper says the suspects were arrested after they left the strip club and the man drove the cart as the woman walked alongside.

Thirty-six-year-old Billie Jo Stevenson and 34-year-old Jonathan Lee Misner, both of Huntington, are each charged with grand larceny and public intoxication. They were being held Tuesday at the Western Regional Jail on $11,000 bond each.

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