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I was with my sister at Walmart and the lines were painfully long. Everyone was waiting, but one lady on a motorized cart (who we saw several times at the store in passing) decided that she was in the right to cut ahead of EVERYONE in line, and started putting her items onto the conveyor belt for the self check-out.

Of course, everyone was royally pissed, and like most people, no one wanted to say a WORD about it except for the lady in front of us, and behind the line-cutter.

She started saying, “I’m sorry, but there’s a thing called a line. You have to wait like everyone else!”

The lady in the cart began to haul herself out of the cart (because she was quite a sizeable lady) and said “I had my stuff down on the conveyor belt first! Besides, my kids were here!” That’s when the 2 little ragamuffin kids that were looking at the candy bars in the aisle looked over, and ran to “help” their mother, by making kicking/punching motions, and faces at the lady.

The lady ahead of us calmy said, “I don’t care if they were here! They weren’t in front of me, and neither were you.” Then she looked at her children and said “Is that what your mommy taught you? To be rude to other people?”

By this time, a Wal-mart employee came and diffused the situation, and the line-cutter plus her 2 kids went to the back of the line as everyone applauded for the lady who stuck up for herself (and everyone else).

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First of all, let me start by saying I commend you for your actions.

Although, this is 2010 and there are countless web pages exploiting the mundane in our country, yours is by far my favorite.

Recently, my significant other and I were separated due to a strange situation and I have never felt so alone. But in the midst of occasional binge drinking and VH1 watching, this has given me instant gratification. Thank you for giving me hope. Although I have temporarily lost the love of my life, I can come here, shuffle through these grotesque pictures and laugh hysterically knowing that I look nothing like these people.

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What a sad day for so many Americans who happen to be shopping at Walmart and are not dressed according to the “People of Walmart” dress code (“A Candid Look at the Characters of Walmart,” Oct. 20 Magazine).

It’s equally sad that Luke Wherry and Adam Kipple felt their college education was disposable and trashed it in favor of mocking, ridiculing and tormenting other people. Thankfully, Andrew Kipple has chosen to stay in law school.

I’ve gotten the “People of Walmart” e-mails in the past and no doubt I’ve laughed while scrolling through the strange and bizarre pictures. But then I read the PG’s article and decided to visit the website, and what I saw and read completely changed my attitude. Some of the pictures are indeed laugh-worthy, but if you read the “Hate Mail” link on the website you’ll quickly understand just how much these men are hurting people.

We’re teaching our children that making fun of others is actually a means by which to make a living. We talk about bullying that takes place in our schools and how reprehensible it is and how desperately we need to change the mindset of children to be more tolerant. Hmmm. How about what this website is promoting?

If you don’t think this is bullying, then I’ve got news for you … it most certainly is. It’s an adult form of bullying and it stinks. Come on, guys. Put your advanced degrees to work and make a living the old-fashioned way and stop advocating meanness.

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Just wanted to let you know that your site is required reading everyday at work. It reinforces my desire to go to America and trawl through shopping centres – not that we don’t have our own in NSW! You guys rock.

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