This is the funniest shit I have ever seen. Lmfao!!! If you people don’t like it, it’s called DON’T LOOK AT IT!!! Duh. :]

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Last time I went to Walmart, my dad and I saw so many people worthy of this website that it was laughable. I forgot my camera at home, and my phone was charging. It was sooooo sad.

BTW, LOVE this site! LOL. I DIE laughing whenever I come on. XD Keep it up!

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How Would You Handle This?

I have had a long-standing hatred for Walmart as do most decent people. Actually I’ve personally experienced most of the stories published to this site in my local Walmarts. This time, Walmart gave a little back to Stephen.

About a year ago I was working on the road out of hotels for a couple weeks and not near my local bank. When the ‘ol stipend came around I found myself reluctantly using a local WM for it’s check-cashing service.

After waiting in line at the customer service counter for about 17 days, it was finally my turn at the counter. Naturally, I was greeted by a young black, pregnant, female. Allegedly she was on hour 11, of a 12 hour shift and was extremely disheveled; worst night of her life.

I handed her my paycheck of $1,225 which required her to call for more cash. Her fellow employee promptly delivered the bank bag and handed her a stack of 50s. Seeing this, I jokingly said, “Hey new bills! Don’t let ’em stick together!” No reply. She finishes counting out the money, hands it to me, says have a nice day, and I step off to the side to recount it. (Duh)

I start counting in hundreds… 100, 200,…800,900,… 1100, 1200, 1300, …… 1400?……..1500??? ……… SEE’YA LATER!!!

I quit counting there, and calmly walk out the front door, hand clutching an enormous wad of cash. After final tally, Walmart ended up giving me an extra $1,300 on top of my paycheck. Yep, $2,525. In one transaction this young female mistakenly gave me more than she makes in a month. Not that she still works there after counting out her register that night.

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Cleanup In Aisle Three

What kind of a guy goes into Walmart, takes a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue from the magazine rack, heads to the store’s toy section, and proceeds to masturbate to completion in the aisle?

Meet William Tyler Black.

The 28-year-old Floridian, a substitute teacher, was arrested yesterday afternoon by Sarasota cops on battery and exposure of sexual organs charges, according to a probable cause affidavit, a copy of which you’ll find here.

A store employee told cops that Black “ejaculated onto the floor and wiped his hand on a toy along with rubbing his foot in the suspected semen on the floor.” Employees reported that Black “discarded the magazine behind some toys and proceeded to the front of the store.”

A police source told TSG that the toy in question was a light saber (apparently of the Star Wars variety), and that the magazine Black used was the 2010 SI swimsuit issue with model Brooklyn Decker on its cover. Though published in February, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue can still be found on sale months later at many retailers.

When cops confronted Black, pictured in the above mug shot, he said he was in the store “shopping for a toy for his daughter.” He was hit with the battery on a child count since investigators concluded that a “reasonable person would believe that a child would come in contact with the fluid on the toy being that it was left in the toy aisle of the store.”

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