It Helps Her Steer


I’ve been staring at this picture for 20 minutes trying to figure out which is bigger, her hair or her midriff?


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Agony Of Da Feet


Here is a list of things worth fighting someone over at Walmart: (1)……sorry, I couldn’t think of anything.


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The Trendsetter


Oh my! I have so many questions, but I guess I’m wondering more than anything else, are you wearing a baby breast feeding cover as an accessory? Either way, I would like to go on record with our readers that I won’t be surprised if teenage girls take this idea and it becomes popular.


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No Tarheels Allowed

My husband went into the Wal today and had to stop at customer service to get a replacement gift card because the one he had was scratched and wouldn’t scan at the register. Of course it was busy and as he put it, “It was a constant stream of ‘People of Wal-Mart’ candidates in there!” Apparently the loudest candidate of all was a woman complaining to the manager that she stepped in tar on her way into the store and ruined her sandals. She had the balls to insist that they not only replace them with some from their store for free, but because the ones she found that she liked were cheaper than the ones she had on, give her the $10 difference. Of course, management was only too happy to give her a gift card for the amount and the new shoes to replace her pleather flip-flops. I hope this was because they had had enough crazy to deal with for one evening.

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