My boyfriend and I went to Wally World for some regular groceries and while there decided to restock on condoms. While neither of us is a prude we don’t really want others to notice our personal items so we decided to go through the self check-out. We were ringing things up and he dropped the box of condoms on the floor which caused the girls behind us to giggle. They could not have been older than 16 or 17. When I turned around to look at them, one of them was holding a pregnancy test. It was a funny situation but I wanted to tell the girls that instead of giggling maybe they should have been buying them in the first place.

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Ruffling Some Feathers


Well I know there are “tit” men our there, and I know there are “butt” men out there, but I don’t know if there are “BUT” men out there! That’s Big Upper Titty for those of you not in the know (which should be all of you since I just made it up).


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Land & Sea


Well know fact: Sharks and foxes are quite fond of one another.


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Shootin’ The Breeze


Did you feel that breeze? Yeah, it was from everyone else running in the other direction.


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