I Said “Hey Blinkin”


What? Like you don’t wear stuff that you find in your attic after you put your Christmas tree away…


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Two In The Busch


I can’t decide whether I’m more amazed that anyone can actually drink Busch Light or that we found the one hilljack cowboy in Texas that doesn’t either throw his empties in the woods or shoot them out of the air.


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Coming Up Shorts


Listen pal, if you’re gonna wear the Daisy Duke’s you can’t be timid about it. It’s either all or nothing. Wearing a pair of shorts underneath just says “I like the style of cut-off jeans, but I’m not strong enough emotionally to deal with other people’s judgement.” So, either man up and wear them proud or leave it to the Walcreatures of the world who truly just don’t give a f*ck!


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The Lemonheads


I think they plan on sitting in a bathtub full of all that lemon juice so their vaginas are as sour as their appearance and overall outlook on life…..of course that’s just one theory.

North Carolina

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