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You should see the sweet hopscotch board they did on the other side of their heads.


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Poor Kid…

I was shopping in Palm Bay, Florida, not to be confused with Palm Beach. I was in line to pay and was behind a stringy haired redneck woman with an entire litter of kids ranging from roughly 8 years-old down to infant. All of the kids were white, like her, except for the toddler sitting quietly in the shopping cart. He happened to be black. The cashier gestured towards him and said, “So, are you watching the neighbor’s kid today?” The woman responded, “No, that’s m’ rape baby! I done got raped and had him!” Right on cue all of the older kids started pointing at him chanting “Rape baby! Rape baby! Rape baby!” The look on this child’s face was beyond sad.

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Mark Up

While I was out and about the other night I had to stop at Wally World to get some cat food. On my way to the pet department, I decided to swing down by the magazine rack to see if they had anything good. I was standing there thumbing through the magazines when someone came walking up next to and started complaining that Walmart “don’t carry any of those good picture books” anymore. As I looked over, I noticed it was a large crew cut wearing bull dyke in men’s black denim jeans and a men’s long sleeve white button up shirt with a wife beater under it. Now heres the kicker, she had a full beard poorly drawn on her face with permanent magic marker!

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Thank the lord for digital and cellphone cameras to catch all these beloved Wal-mart shoppers. This website is such a great place to boost the spirits. I almost wish I lived in the USA so I could witnesses these people.

The hate mail is also too funny.

Come on, the people who are photographed 5% clothed or wearing ‘He likes the cock–>’ or ‘CUNT’ on their clothing are clearly looking to be seen and their intention is to be rude. They don’t about the people around them and clearly lack self respect so why would you defend them…they don’t care! Neither do we, that’s why we’re making fun of them!

Give POWM a break, they’re brilliant.

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