I find all those pics and stories a bit shameful : I love America because it allows individuals to live and behave or dress the way they like notwithstanding the dress codes at work in big companies …
I you feel you have the right to make fun of people, then you should have the courage to post a picture of you stating who you are and where you can be reached. This will restore the equilibrium between those who run the site allow themselves to mock people and those who are being mocked (after having spent their money at Walmart).

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25 Comments Hate Letters

You Eat Pieces Of Shit For Breakfast?


Maybe if she was the one teaching me her example of the transitive property I would have passed math.


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Granny’s Panties


Hey, maybe next time before you go out in your nightgown you will remember that it’s design was inspired by an X-ray! I enjoy seeing breaks in bones and weird stuff kids swallow, not your drawers.


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If Looks Could Kill…


Holy Mother of God! I think Gargantuan just choke slammed someone with that look! Geez, thankfully this was taken right before he/she shifted to the right and graced everyone with a dong slip!


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