Pajama Jeans


I guess I wouldn’t be fully committed to wearing those jeans either.


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The Tree Skirt


I like the odd transition when I start at the bottom: I see an ugly rug, a tramp stamp, a shirt girdle, and an ugly tattoo of what I’m sure is just an expression of some stupid philosophy you have that also serves as the reason you don’t shave your armpits.


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Obey Your Thirst


Nobody needs to obey their thirst that much!…..On a side note, is 7up still around? Those two used to compete, and I haven’t been offered a 7up in like 6 years. I was a big fan of Cherry 7up. I’m guessing their downfall started when they stopped using the red ball mascot. Sprite went and got athletes like Lebron and Kobe to do their commercials. Wait, is 7up just Sierra Mist now? Wow, I can’t believe you are still reading my rant on Sprite and 7up! You must be bored.


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Open 24 Hours


Guess what Walmart, you’re not the only thing open 24 hours a day! Enjoy the competition for once!


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