Bedazzled Burger Time


Jacket and hat aside, I still can’t decide if I like your ¬†sparkly, blingy necklaces or the bedazzled thing on your sweatshirt that looks more like a cheeseburger than an ornament….get back to me in ten minutes, but I’ll just give you a heads up that it’s always tough to beat out a cheeseburger.


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Doll Face


Hey you know how you give a little girl a baby doll and she wants to do it’s hair and make-up but she is still probably too young to do that, but you let her anyway, then the little girl mutilates the baby doll so badly that nobody even wants to look at it so you throw it away? Sometimes that doll survives and grows up very angry.


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Is there such a thing as¬†too much mullet? I’m still gonna say no, but not with the vigor I used to say it with.


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