Poor Man’s Porn

One afternoon, I was at Walmart, buying some socks. It so happens to be that the sock section is next to the bras. Well, as I approached the sock section, I noticed a heavyset, balding man who looked to be in his mid-fifties just standing there, looking at the bras. He was wearing a dark, oversized trench coat, strange because it was about 60 degrees and sunny outside. I went on with my business, picking out some socks as well as several pairs of pajama pants. I was looking through clothes for a full 10 minutes, when I realized that the man was still there. It took me a while to realize, this guy was STARING at the seminude models on packaging. I haven’t bought socks there since…

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Grandma Says


Since you look like a walking Simon Says toy does that mean I get to hit you in the color that lights up?


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Chrome Dome


Uuuuggghhhh, dude I appreciate the dedication, especially all the way out in Kansas, but c’mon. Stop bringing it up. I’m just starting to get over the loss.


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The Texas Ranger


I’m confused. I can’t tell if you are going hunting, playing baseball, or hunting kids who are playing baseball.


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