Stinky Cheesehead


I’m setting the over/under on consecutive days Packer fans keep their team gear on at 145 days.

P.S. I watched that Lombardi movie on HBO and let’s not forget that he didn’t love his kids. Wow! I’m sorry, I’m still a little bitter about last night.


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The Baked Potato


♫  I see you got your baked potato and your flippy floppies, walkin’ around Walmart looking all sorts of sloppy ♫

Puerto Rico

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Free Wine

I was working the register after zero training, and the customer line was long and getting longer. I was receiving quite a few insults about how slow I was on the register, and reaching the end of my rope with the whole thing when a woman in line took pity on me.

“What would it take to shut down this register?” she said quietly.
“A real disaster” I replied.

She winked, and casually swept her arm around so it knocked a big glass jug of wine off the belt to shatter all over the floor. She apologized over and over to both me and the supervisor who ran up, and my register was shut down for safety reasons, much to the dismay of the line of customers, for whom I had no sympathy.

The best part was an old man in ratty jeans and a t-shirt filled with holes ran up, knelt down in the puddle of wine, and began running his fingers through it and licking the wine off his hands.

I quit 30 minutes later, when the supervisor told me I’d have to stay late to help with the leftover customers because since the wine had broken on my register, it was partially my fault.

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Unedited For Your Enjoyment

I was leaving my local wal-mart getting in to my car when i noticed a very odd site. There was a man in the parking lot next to his car across from my own car. He had a giant bottle of water, some terry cloths and a bottle of armor-all in his hands, yet he was not making an attempt to get into his car…. curious i sat in my car to see what he was doing and if that was indeed his car. Anyway this man proceeded to open the bottle of water and dump it on the car. Then he wiped the car down with a terry cloth. THEN he started spraying the car down with the armor-all and wiping it after with the terry cloth… i thought “WOW, REALLY??????? You couldn’t wait till you got home to do that in your driveway????” i found this very bizzare and humorous!! i tried to get a picture to go with it but i couldnt get a good enough shot of Mr. wash my car in the wal-mart parking lot!

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Three Ring Focus

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