Half Moon


There must have been a sale for you to buy those short half off….once again I’m sorry for the awful pun, but sometimes a joke is so obvious it smacks your in the face and you just gotta smile and go with it.


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The Puppy Pilot


I think the only way that dog could look any cooler is if someone were to give him a cigar right now.


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yo wat the hell that backwords titty girl i dont think thats funny theres people with weird conditions they cant do nothing about it. youh guys are some ignorant low self etsteemm bitches that have nothing better to do than make fun of everybody that walks into wal-mart. cmon now fat people cant control wat they eat u noe obsiety isz a disiese nnddd remeber CARMAS A BITCHHHH

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To Tube Or Not To Tube


Is it called a tube top because it makes you body look like a tube of sausage?


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