Put Your Titty Away


While we at PoWM enjoy the random naked emails that our fans send to us, we would like to go ahead and stipulate that if you are going to send us these pics, please first consider whether or not any human being on planet Earth wants to see your titty. I do not enjoy opening an email at 6 am that not only grosses the sh*t out of me, but also manages to turn my coffee cold and spoil the cream that’s in it….Oh, and also no dick pics. That’s a firm rule.


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Fourth Time’s A Charm


Well, Captain Underpants has already been once, twice, three times a lady. At least this time he wore a fresh pair of undies.

West Virginia

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Sweatin’ To The Oldies


Richard Simmons would be proud of that butt. He probably didn’t envision the literal version of “sweating to the oldies” but I know he’d still be loving it.


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What Would You Do?

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