Get Your MMA On


So Walmart now offers MMA training. I honestly can’t think of one scenario where that isn’t a fantastic idea. I’ve long been yearning for a one-stop place for me to pick up a tight fitting Tapout shirt to better show off my gut, let someone with big muscles and cauliflower ears to slap me around, and then pickup some frozen taquitos to eat/put on my black eyes.

Oklahoma (Click here for some more shots!)

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The Donkey & Bull Show


Hey nice park job jackass…and bull? Donkey & Bull? I’ve heard of Shrek & Donkey, the political Donkey & Elephant, and even a donkey show that collaborates a – you know what, I better not  get into details with this one. Let’s just say that is an odd pairing and I’m more than curious as to what type of fun show they provide.

Arizona (Click here to see the bull!)

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Mop Top


Oh hey it’s Doll Face back again! I see she is still holding that grudge against the world, and that seems to be really working out well for her because it definitely doesn’t look like she has a dusty mop on her head.


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A Product Of Good Vs. Evil


I was just wondering to myself what it would look like if the Dark Knight version of Batman and the nurse Joker had a baby…..which they neglected.


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