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She must have been in the adult XXX version of Pirates of the Caribbean since her ass is being eaten.


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34 Comments Arkansas  //  Featured Creature  //  Short Shorts/No Shorts/Underwear  //  Walmart Fashion

Lookin’ Good In The Hood


White patent leather shoes and a onezie….did you steal that outfit off a baby in the hood?


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38 Comments Featured Creature  //  Florida  //  Walmart Fashion

Like A Ross!


Dear old man with theĀ Bob Ross fro, just keep it up because you’re awesome!


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A Little Less Than Regal


Unfortunately neither of these brides went from commoner to princess like whatever that English chick’s name is that I’m too lazy/don’t care enough to look up. Anyway, good for Prince Albert or whatever to find the one British lady with decent teeth over there. To see more non-royal brides make a mockery of their big day check out our new siteĀ WeddingUnveils.com.

Arizona & North Carolina

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80 Comments Arizona  //  Featured Creature  //  North Carolina  //  Walmart Fashion
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