Bowl Cut 3x


Don’t you hate that time where Mom thinks she can cut hair? Way to teach then early on Dad that sometimes it’s easier to look like a fool & give Mom what she wants rather than hear her bitch!

New Mexico

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The Jailbird


It’s funny how you are the one in stripes yet I’m the one who feels like a jailbird because my mind is now trapped in a prison.


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Got Milk?


Hey what is that milkmaid doing out of the barn? Never in my life have I seen a milkmaid with the audacity to get off her stool and venture out for some pop! Then again I’ve never seen an actual milkmaid in my life, unless you count my buddy whose family owned a farm, but he mainly wore jeans and a flannel…but he did have soft hands.


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Mary Jane


At first I assumed you were going green for Earth day, but then I realized that it is 4-20 and that makes MUCH more sense!


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