Wish You Were Here


Listen, I don’t want to boost the ego of the person who took this photo but they may have just captured Walmart’s post card.


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Wasting Away In Pinacoladaburg


Listen creeper, I don’t listen to Jimmy Buffet cause I’m wicked pissed & jealous that he has made a fortune off selling the idea and mood of vacation to people, but I’m pretty confident Margaritaville is not in aisle 4.


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Baby Talk


Okay, old game new twist. We shall play “Who weirdly uses plastic baby dolls as real children better?” While I appreciate the effort to feed the fake baby (although not from the breast which is surprising) there is a lot to be said for a woman who chooses to take on the responsibility of 2 plastic kids! So who rocks the fake baby better?

Kentucky & West Virginia

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Make It Rain


Listen I’m not a women’s fashion expert or a good judge of occupational ¬†wardrobes, so I’m just gonna start throwing $1 bills around you and you let me know whether that’s appropriate or not.


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