Final Four: #3 Tighter Vs. #7 That’s A First


It’s down to the Final Four! Which underdog do you have moving forward for a chance at the title?!?!?! Get excited people!

Please cast your vote in the comments!

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Why are skullets so awesome? Because not only do they tell the world that you are a badass that won’t take no sh*t, but they also distract us from that girl’s custom jorts!


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I Choose Door Number 2


Now I’m not quite sure what’s going on here but I have 2 guesses, neither of which are appealing. First, we’ve got the good ol’ toilet paper stuck to the ass routine. Or secondly, you thong broke and it’s hanging out. For once I think I’m hoping for TP.

South Carolina

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A Tail Of All Tails


Ladies and gentleman, it is with great privilege that I present to you the GREATEST RAT TAIL OF ALL TIME! Can you even comprehend the amount of time and energy that goes into conscientiously white trashing your head like this? Truly a thing of legends!


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