Street Fight…G7!!!


Forget UFC, forget WWE, and forget boxing because this is the real Street Fighter right here and it looks like we got ourselves a 3-way death match no holds barred, no refs, and damn sure no shoes! While you may wanna take the femaleĀ Kimbo Slice on the left, I’ve got $20 on the old lady. You don’t get to be that old in these streets by luck son! And if you’re dumb enough to takeĀ Blanka there on the right then you should just leave before this gets ugly.


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Guns Up, Let’s Do This!


Son of a bitch!!!! I bought tickets to the wrong gun show!


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Beyond The Pale


Instead of poking fun and being witty, I thought I would use this as an opportunity to get the the bottom of a serious question that has bothered me for quite some time: Why is it goth/weird/scary/freaky (whatever you want to call them) girls are always pale white chicks? You never see a hot tan girl all freaked out and it’s very rare you see a black goth chick. But I’m not even talking about white girls, I’m talking about really, really white girls. Please riddle me that, I’d appreciate it.


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In The Flesh


Ya know, I think I’m starting to reconsider this whole flesh colored yoga pants thing. You make a strong argument for me supporting your attempt to show me what you look like nak……..sorry for the delay. As I was typing that out my friend was kind enough to beat the shit out of me until I came back to my senses. Whew! That was close.


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