Free Raincoats!


With Walmart giving away free raincoats like that, I can’t figure out how they stay in business! Not a good business model Wally World…


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The Pimpin’ Pup


I guess you could say it’s raining cats and dogs….huh? right? huh? get it? Yaaaaaaa!

New York

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Buttery Biscuits


Now that’s some southern-style homemade bottom biscuits straight from the oven lathered up in butter. Now if someone could go ahead and wrap those up for her I’d appreciate it.


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Poem Contest!


This isn’t your normal caption contest, because this isn’t my normal request. I want to see how creative you guys are so please write your best “Ode to John Deere” poem that this woman likely has on her back. I was going to give you my poetic rendition but I don’t know the difference between a haiku and and cat poo.


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