Nothing Gold Can Stay


What does a guy wear who is a lover of Goldie Hawn, has a golden retriever, and has a gold tooth? How the f*ck should I know?


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Reverse! Reverse!


Look at the luscious boobs on…OH MY GOD!

South Carolina

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Ride A Little Lower


Ya know, most guys wouldn’t purposefully wear the half shirt and low-rider jeans to accentuate their midriff and lower back, but to really put out the vibe at Walmart you need to flaunt what you’re working with….which is exactly why I walk around Walmart in assless chaps!


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Every Day I’m Smugglin’

Couple of years ago I was working at Wal-Mart and living with my friend who also worked there. She was day shift, and I was swing. One day she came home and we were sitting down to eat dinner before I went to work and she told me how a couple days prior a woman was caught shoplifting and rushed to the hospital. A day or so after, everything she had shoplifted (a big bottle of shampoo, a pack of razors and a few other misc items were returned to the store in plastic ziploc style bags. No one would touch them to wash and restock them so they just got thrown away. She was a skinny lady, no fat folds to hide stuff in, and to this day no one likes to think about where she had everything hidden…

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