Switching To Geico


Shopping at Walmart is so easy a caveman can do it….While we are on the topic, when is Geico going to stop with those stupid commercials? Pick one f*cking mascot or gimmick and stick with it. Do you want the gecko, the caveman, the googly eyed stack of money, the unsolved mystery guy knock-off? Just pick one and be done with it already!


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Picture Me Rollin’


This truck is brought to you by animals we like to kill and 1980’s photography….does this get anyone else a little aroused? Wait, what?

North Carolina


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Belated Easter


I liked your flower-hair better when it was on a 6 year old girl Easter Sunday.


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Weee Doggie!


I’ve never been a fan of the boots with shorts look, but I’m always supportive of boots to itty bitty jorts. It says “these steel-toed boots will hurt when I kick you and these Daisy Duke’s give me the flexibility to put em across your face!” and to me that’s just fantastic!


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