Patience Is A Virtue

A few years ago, I was at Wally World with my mom. After we got our groceries, we went to a checkout station. The guy in front of us had loaded his items onto the counter, and the cashier was ringing up his stuff. The man started complaining loudly of how slow the cashier was going (In my opinion, she was doing an excelent job). About halfway through, the man loads the unscanned portion of his groceries back into his basket, and procedes to get in line of another checkout station. We probably waited 15 minutes until he was done in that line for him to come and pay the first cashier. Don’tcha love stupid people?

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You’re Grounded

Man it seems like it’s been ages since we had a kid on a leash being yanked around a Walmart on here! Just when I thought I was getting through to people and making a difference this future Casey Anthony just pops up to ruin my day!


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The Fake Cop

SALEM, N.H. — A Massachusetts man has been charged with impersonating a police officer for allegedly flashing a blue strobe light during a traffic tie-up in a Salem Walmart parking lot.

Police say 23-year-old Richard Ramon Tirado of Lawrence, Mass. flashed the blue light Saturday night in the parking lot while the driver in front of him was waiting for a parking spot. The other driver became suspicious and called the real police.

Responding officers stopped Tirado and allegedly found the strobe, a ballistic vest, a reflective traffic vest, a police hat and other police equipment in his car.

Tirado said he was a former auxiliary police officer in Lawrence and was currently a reserve officer in Billerica, Mass. Billerica police said that was not true.

Tirado was released on $1,000 personal recognizance.

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Coppin’ A Squat

Well obviously walking into the store to take a piss is out of the question, so naturally the “behind the car door parking lot piss” was in order. Unfortunately for you, a car door only blocks one side. Some advice from an expert outdoor pisser like myself…open the front and back door and go in between them. Saves you and us. For more bathroom humor, piss your pants at our newest member www.Flushedup.com.


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