He’s Our Hero

Holy shnikes! Captain Planet is still around and he definitely knows how to work Daisy Duke jorts and a fanny pack! Fantabulous! The power is definitely yours!


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Size 13 Heels

I worked third shift at a Walmart in a small town in PA, and I have a few dozen stories I could add (including one about a man that was so drunk he walked right into the restroom wall and knocked himself out), but this is the one that really sticks out.

A large, slightly burly man came in one night wanting to buy a pair of size 13, hot pink, high heeled shoes. He came through my line and wanted to pay by check. Well, the check was ripped, so the machine wouldn’t take it, and after a few obsenities, the man left without his shoes. He came back about an hour later with another check, wanting to buy the same pair of shoes. Of course, for some reason or another that check didn’t work either. He threw a few more obsenities around and left, only to come back an hour later with cash to buy the shoes. I guess there was a big drag queen rally the next day and he REALLY needed those shoes to match his outfit.

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I Need Two Pair

My man is on the cutting edge of saggin’ technology here! Let’s wear jeans under our jeans so when the outer pair of jeans fall down to our shins the under pair of jeans are right there to serve the exact same purpose the outer jeans should have performed. By the way, you may want to sue the manufacturer of that belt because it’s clearly defective.


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Down With The Gown

You know what you never think of? Cross-dressers relaxing and wearing sleepwear. It’s probably because they are always so over the top dolled-up when you see them that you never think they turn down the volume….hmmm what an interesting thought for the day.


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