When Monkeys Attack!

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Finding a monkey in a Walmart parking lot can be surprising, especially when it’s jumpy.
A family had just arrived for a family trip to Walmart when they spotted a monkey in the SUV they parked next to.
“As we got out, Tayce, being 8 years old, wanted to see the monkey. So, she got out, looked up at the monkey, said, ‘Hi,’ and he gave the animal just enough slack to where it could jump out, grab her by her hair, and bite her on the forehead,” Mike Weeks told KY3 News.

The monkey’s owner said it wasn’t a bite, just a scratch.

Animal control responded, took a report and sent the monkey — named Charlie — and his owners home. It was a decision Tayce’s mother was not fond of.

“They’re known to carry tuberculosis, hepatitis B, herpes — and this animal is just allowed to go home,” said Weeks.
The monkey and Tayce were both tested for various diseases. Weeks said she was especially concerned about hepatitis B; which is found in most macaques and can be fatal to humans.

“Everybody says, ‘Put her on antivirals and pray.’ That’s basically the situation we’ve been left in,” Weeks told reporters.

She said test results will be back in a week.

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