Leading The Way

Putting the child in the child seat area of the cart just doesn’t make sense. I mean, how is he going to truly appreciate the ability to drive around in his Hot Wheels car unless he first falls 10 feet and breaks his legs?!?!


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Cracking Up

Pffft, and they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Don’t waste your money pal, I’ve always said it’s a solid 6 inches of ass crack that they really love, so you are good.


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Car Ram-Rod

A Shaftsbury man is facing charges after he allegedly rammed his van into a car because the other vehicle was interfering with this sleep.

Grasshopper Allen pleaded not guilty Monday to several charges including simple assault and leaving the scene of an accident.

According to the Bennington Banner, The 57-year-old told police the car kept waking him up while he was trying to sleep in the Walmart parking lot.

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Turbo Bass

If you boom the bass the bitches be lovin’ that shit, just a fact of life. I’m surprised more people don’t know that, so I’m in full support of his haircut to raise awareness for the bass to bitches ratio.


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