The Battle Flag Of The Confederacy

Say what you want about their meaning, I’m just a little surprised that the ol’ stars and bars aren’t used on more high end products. In fact, I’m gonna go start the trend and see if I can get Mercedes to hook me up with a custom paint job to match the Confederate Armani suit I’m about to get made.

Missouri & Pennsylvania

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‘Hawk & Animals

Listen, I get that when you have kids your disposable time to put on reasonable clothes goes down the shitter, but I’m pretty confident after like 4 years you get some of that time back. Or you could always use the time it takes to have a pink mohawk and redirect that to dressing yourself. Just a thought.


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11/11/11 At 11:11

This lovely couple said their vows at 11:11pm on 11/11/11. I guess if God’s house is a church the devil resides at Walmart. Don’t forget to see more wacky ass wedding stuff over at WeddingUnveils.com.


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Shoe & Tell

Whoa! Quite a pair of shit-kickers you got going on there amigo. They sorta have this rodeo-witch feel to them but I really can’t be sure. Maybe you guys can tell me what these boots are made for, because I can see they aren’t made for walking.


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