Lu Lu Lu I’ve Got Some Apples

Well I guess we should just be thankful that it’s only Butters from South Park rather than Professor Chaos because then we would all be in for a world of trouble!

South Carolina

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Bed Time

I am a security supervisor at our local wal-mart. One night I was making my rounds and a 78 year old, toothless woman (regular customer) approched me in one of the Wal-mart electric carts. She grabbed my belt, pulled me down to her and said “You’re going to have to shave, and quit smoking before you get into my bed.”

Needless to say, I have a full beard and have started smoking huge, stinky cigars.

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Damn girl, you are nailing that Captain Caveman look! Unga-Bunga baby!


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The Underwear Bandit

It’s only fitting that you have your jailhouse stripes on because you just robbed everyone of their innocence.


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