10 Days ‘Til Christmas!

Someone tell Santa his long ass vacation is over! You’ve got 10 days here pal, you better get a move on it, everyone’s copy of the People of Walmart book isn’t gonna deliver itself….see what I did there? It’s called self-promotion. Pick your loved one up a copy today!


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Welcome Home

Today the U.S. officially declared the mission in Iraq over. PoWM would just like to again thank all our soldiers and we wish you all a safe and speedy return home…so you can see slightly less disturbing things like this guy!

New York

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Caption Contest!

It’s time to give away another t-shirt! Let’s have another caption contest. I understand it’s the Christmas season, but let’s refrain from the obvious “You’ll shoot your eye out.” Funniest comment below wins a t-shirt of their choice courtesy of RateTees.com.


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So I was killing time on a Saturday with my buddy by doing my grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. Basically to paint a picture, I’m black and he’s white. So we were in the cereal aisle when a black lady in a robe and rollers comes up to me specifically and asks, “Excuse me, do you know where the Kool-Aid is?” Trying to contain my laughter, I simply answer “Yeah, I think it’s the next aisle over.” As she walked away, my buddy turned to me and said, “Yeah, its in the aisle with the chicken and watermelon.”

Never a dull moment at Wal-Mart.

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