Hopefully She Has Insurance

Twelve vehicles were damaged and three people were injured Saturday after a vehicle lost control in a parking lot.

The Walmart parking lot was extremely busy with shoppers purchasing last-minute items on Christmas Eve.

Ruth A. Ames, 64, Monticello, had just pulled her 2002 Ford Explorer into a parking spot when she attempted to put the vehicle in park at about 1 p.m.

Ames said her Explorer abruptly took off in reverse; a witness, Robert Turner of Indianapolis, said the Explorer backed out of the parking spot at a high rate of speed.

Both said the Explorer crashed into several vehicles.

According to the crash report, prepared by Monticello Police Officer Jeremiah Brown, Ames stopped briefly after — according to Turner — the Explorer hit several other vehicles. She told the officer that several people told her she had someone pinned against a vehicle and to put the car into drive.

Ames’ Explorer then lurched forward, striking several more vehicles.

Turner told police that he ran, jumped onto a vehicle that had been struck, reached into Ames’ Explorer and turned the vehicle off. He said that before he did so, the wheels were still spinning; Turner also said he noticed a cast on Ames’ right foot.

In all, the crash caused severe damage to 11 vehicles in addition to Ames’ Explorer across three rows of Walmart parking spots.

Ames suffered abrasions on her arm. Morningstar A. Davis, 20, Monticello, was injured with neck pain and Stephen K. Vanvoorst, 41, Reynolds, was trapped in his vehicle and suffered bruises to his leg.

Brown estimated the total damage to the 12 vehicles involved at between $50,000 and $100,000. He was assisted by White County Sheriff’s Deputies David Rozzi and Lucas Hitchings.

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Million Dollar Idea

A Lexington man is accused trying to use a fake $1 million bill to pay for his purchases at a Walmart.

Michael Anthony Fuller, 53, of 3 Parker St., walked into the Walmart on Lowes Boulevard in Lexington on Nov. 17. He shopped for a while, picking up a vacuum cleaner, a microwave oven and other merchandise, totaling $476, an arrest warrant says.

When he got to the register, Fuller gave the cashier the phony bill, saying that it was real.

Store staff called police.

Fuller was later charged with attempting to obtain property by false pretense and uttering a forged instrument, both felonies, court records show.

A warrant says of the fake million-dollar bill: “There is no such thing.”

The largest bill in circulation is a $100 bill. In 1969, federal officials discontinued the use of $500, $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 bills because of lack of public use.

The largest note ever printed was the $100,000 bill, which featured President Woodrow Wilson. The bills, which were not available to the public, were printed from Dec. 18, 1934, through Jan. 9, 1935, and were used for transactions between Federal Reserve banks.

Fuller was being held Friday night in the Davidson County Jail with bond set at $17,500. He is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday.

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The Birthday Flash Mob

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We’re Bringing It Back

I’m here to declare 2012 the year of the mullet! Almost all fads come back into style, so why not the triumphant return of everyone’s favorite white trash haircut?

Illinois & Iowa

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