Hold On For Dear Life

How can you expect them to grow up and be good carnies if you don’t teach them how to handle unsafe rides from an early age? Just makes sense to me.


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Afghan Nation

When you are done sitting on the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat let me tell you why blankets are not actually clothing….because they are f*cking blankets, that’s why.


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The pictures on the web site are sometimes funny, sometimes not, but the content in the comments kind of remind me of a scene in the Hunchback of Notre Dame. The one where Quasimodo’s tied to a wooden platform and everyone’s throwing tomatoes at him because he was ugly and the public was influenced by one person throwing the first. I feel that partially applies to here.

Like, in some cases the pictures are the first person throwing the first tomato, and making the rest of the public feel that it’s socially acceptable to throw more.

I do get Quasimodo was naturally deformed, but sometimes some of the overweight people on here might naturally be that way too. And I think that even if you wear something ugly (not referring to fit) you should be able to do that without a whole lot of people saying stuff.

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No Return To Innocence

It’s amazing how you can capture a moment in time right before a child’s innocence is ruined. Because a few moments later their paths crossed and for that young boy he saw something that can’t be undone. It makes my heart weep.


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Three Ring Focus

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