The 50″ Heist

CHERRYVILLE, NC (WBTV) – Cherryville police are looking for a man they say ran out of a Walmart store with a TV.

The incident was reported to police on January 31, according to a release from the Cherryville Police Department.

The man walked in and took a flat screen TV worth $500 from the display area and left the store.

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Hello Kitty

I think at a certain age it stops being cutesy little Hello Kitty and just gets to a depressing, “Oh, hey cat. I’ll feed you once Jeopardy is over.”


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Fresh From The Bakery

Imma hapy speelin test wans’t part of my jub aplication!


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WWIB: Where’s Tommy?

I think it’s time we play Who Wears It Better: Packed Cart Edition. So are you a sucker for a cute kid (he is in there if you look hard enough) or do you prefer the legs up La-Z-Boy method?

Colorado & Florida

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