WWIB: Shirts & Skins

Time for another thrilling game of Who Wears It Better: Man Midriff Edition. So do you guys prefer a smooth beer belly or some, let’s say “experienced” skin?


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People Of Walmart: In The News

A convicted sex offender was arrested after he was caught snapping pictures of young children a Walmart in Katy.

Mark Yarloff, 57, was approached by the mother of two young girls, ages 2 and 3, after she noticed him taking pictures, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Yarloff told the woman “Oh, I am sorry; I thought they were beautiful,” the sheriff’s office said. The woman asked him to delete the pictures from his camera and he did so.

The girls’ mother called the sheriff’s office about what she believed was suspicious activity. When deputies questioned the suspect, they discovered he was a registered sex offender, having been convicted of two offenses involving teen girls in California in 1993.

He was arrested and is being held without bond on a charge of improper photography, a crime that involves photographing someone without their consent for the purpose of sexual pleasure, according to court records.

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One In The Stink

Listen, I get it, sometimes it’s a pain in the ass to return things at Walmart and I too have considered giving the associate the ol’ stinky pinky, but then I realize that I’m a human being and not a monkey so that’s where that thought process in my head stops. I’m starting to really question yours.


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Here is the downside to this picture: You still brought your Avian flu ridden bird into Walmart. However, the upside to this is that when it takes a shit, it’s gonna roll down your face & not mine.


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