Meshed Up

Is it just me or does mesh make everything look sexy?…Oh, it’s just me? Hmm, I guess I look kinda foolish now. Not as foolish as this guy, but still foolish.

West Virginia

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By George!

Yeah sure, you may think that little tail looks goofy now, but you should see it when it’s sticking out of an adjustable baseball cap…What’s that? It still looks stupid? Then I retract my previous statement. You look like a creeper.


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People Of Walmart: In The News

EAST GREENBUSH — A Rensselaer woman had her three-year-old daughter with her when she was caught stealing for the second time from the East Greenbush Walmart, according to East Greenbush Police.28-year-old Trisha Palmer was arrested on 10 p.m. on Tuesday after store detectives observed her taking $184 of merchandise from the store without paying. Palmer had previously been served with a No-Tresspassing warning after she was caught stealing from the same Walmart back in 2010. Because Palmer ignored the ban and her young daughter was with her at the time of the alleged crime, she is charged with Burglary and Child Endangerment. She was arraigned and remanded to the Rensselaer County Jail. Her daughter was placed in the custody of a relative.

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Coppin’ A Feelski

Ladies, it’s always the right time to check your breasts for lumps, remember that. Now I can’t say when the right time to allow others to check your breasts might be, but I feel like this isn’t one of them.


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Three Ring Focus

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People of Walmart is a humor blog that depicts the many customers of Walmart stores across the United States and Canada. Through funny photos and videos, People of Walmart is an entertainment blog in the Three Ring Blogs network that features over 30 of the funniest humor blogs on the internet. Walmart is the largest retail store in the United States and has millions of people visit stores each day wearing anything but proper attire. Hello Flippa.

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