WWIB: Like Moths To A Flame

Wow! This is a new one for Who Wears It Better: Already Wearing It Edition. I guess I can get on board with this. When I find a pair of jeans that fit really well I might go buy another pair…of course mine typically don’t have flames or generally look like balls, but I suppose I get it. Yet, like showing up to the prom in the same dress this gets kinda awkward. So if I put a gun to your head and made you choose, which outfit would you buy two of?


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Two Pair

I guess it’s fitting that you have quadruple back titties since, when I saw them, I needed quadruple bypass surgery. Not ’cause I was weirded out, I just love me all dem titties! Naw, I’m kididng, it was because I was mortified.


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Well I’m sure when guys find out what your price actually is, they can use that sweet barcode on your neck as a target.


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Kim Possible

I don’t know enough about the Disney show Kim Possible to make a joke about this but I think having this on your truck is enough of a joke to stand on its own.


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