Ernie The Giant Chicken & Friends

Looks like one little kid grew up and actually got his favorite “toy car”. Huh? Get it? Toy car? Cause there are toys on it. It’s a play on words. No?….you know what, screw you guys.

West Virginia

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Walmart Now Sells Hookers

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — A Myrtle Beach man and a woman were charged after an officer spotted them in a truck and then saw a condom on the seat of the vehicle.

The incident happened about 9:45 pm Wednesday at a Walmart parking lot at 541 Seaboard Street, Myrtle Beach Police said in a report.

The man and woman were in a gray Dodge pick up truck, police said, and they each had “conflicting stories” about what they were doing there.

“The offender was observed idle in his vehicle with a known prostitute,” police said. “The offender and the prostitute had conflicting stories.”

Police then noticed evidence in the truck.

“(Officer) observed a Lifestyles (brand) condom laying beside the offender,” police said in the report.

Ellis Arthur, 50, of Myrtle Beach and Rebecca Sommer Thor, 23, were charged with loitering/prostitution, police said.

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WWIB: After Me Lucky Charms

We at PoWM are going green in this tilt of Who Wears It Better: Leprechaun’s Abandoned Kid Edition. So, which one of these greeny meanies would you leave on a doorstep?


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Slap It On My Ass

Big Sean’s favorite gal is back. I’m guessing she is picking up some delicious fruit to complement all that cottage cheese she has. But that’s just my guess.


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