WWIB: Canadian Tuxedo

It’s a battle of the sexes once again in this installment of Who Wears It Better: Canadian Tuxedo Edition. So my acid aficionados (acid wash that is), which Denim Dan makes the bulge in your button flys bigger?


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Hey Man

I guess I can imagine him as Spiderman…if I got really stoned and thought that the radioactive spider bit Chong instead of Peter Parker.


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Funky Butt Lovin’

Personally I’m a breast guy, but for you ass guys out there I think they refer to this as “the motherload”! She got like 3 asses! The only thing that comes to mind is funky butt lovin’!


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Double Vision

No, you are not mistaken. There are two Walmarts sharing the same parking lot in Iowa City, IA. Presumably, one is the “high class” Walmart, and the other is the “low class” Walmart.


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