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We get all sorts of outrageous stuff sent into us here at PoWM that we don’t use ranging from pictures of people NOT at Walmart (apparently the 2nd part of our name throws people off), to naked pictures of women (not really complaining about that one), and mostly a TON of photoshopped pictures. Now typically we delete these photoshopped masterpieces, but every now and then we come across one that reminds me why I love life. Like this self-shopped gem. I only hope it inspires you as much as it has us.


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Feelin’ Ducky

Duck….duck…..nope. I’m not playing this game anymore!


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Once You Pop You Can’t Stop

No, no, no, no, no, don’t get up, you’ve had a rough day. Just sit back and relax, kick your feet up, and I’ll bring you some snacks to enjoy while you rest…then when you fall asleep, I’ll leave your lazy ass here in the garden section of Walmart so you’re somebody else’s damn problem!


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They See Me Trollin’

I didn’t know you could get¬†trolled¬†offline as well…Huh? Huh? Right? Cause of all the trolls? You know what, I don’t have to answer to you people.


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