Bend Over I’ll Show Ya

Testing out the common phrase of “bend but don’t break”? Bad news, your experiment failed. You’ve broken all my hopes and dreams…and retinas.


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WWIB: Grandpa As Grandma

I believe this is a first for “Who Wears It Better?” – a sexy grandpa edition! So my friends, which pap-pap in pink do you prefer? Do you wanna ride a cowboy or a bike?


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Our Thoughts & Prayers Go Out

Worst. Batmobile. Ever.

On a serious note, our hearts go out to the people of Aurora, Colorado where some cowardly, dickless asshole decided to shoot up a movie theater during the midnight showing of Batman last night. For those that were injured we wish a speedy and full recovery, and for those that weren’t so fortunate our thoughts are with their families.


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You Mad Bro?

I feel like there is some sort of irony to the fact that someone is crazy enough to want to dress up as The Mad Hatter and walk around. Then again, I find it odd that the grown ass man on the left is so excited to take a picture with the guy crazy enough to dress up as The Mad Hatter and walk around, so where does that leave any of us?!?! Huh?! Right?!…A very merry un-birthday to you!!!!


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