WWIB: Men At Work

Finally we can get an answer to the great debate over which type of short shorts make middle-aged men’s asses look the best, daisy dukes or all leather. So you the people have the important task of letting us know “Who Wears It Better?”

Michigan & Virginia

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Paper Or Plastic?

Hahahaha bags on your baby’s head never gets old. Hahahaha, am I right everyone? Hahahaha (seriously keep laughing with me, I’m trying to distract her long enough for child services to sneak up behind her) hahahahaaha.


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Now I’ve never been into S&M and bondage or anything like that, hell my nipples are too sensitive for that shit. However, if that’s you thing, to each their own. BUT, and it’s a big but, I don’t want to see that shit in public. I really don’t need to see you walking someone on a damn leash telling them what to do. I feel bad putting my dogs on a leash, I’d lose it seeing your punk bitch on one.


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WWIB: Cracks On Cracks

Let’s break your momma’s back by stepping on some cracks in this installment of Who Wears It Better: Peace, Love, & Cracks Edition. Who ya got people?


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