Who Would Steal 30 Bagged Lunches?

SHIPPENSBURG — A Wal-mart employee was recently found have been stealing their lunch from the store for the past year.

Carl Martin Lewis, 22, Newburg, was found stealing items from the store at 100 Conestoga Dr. for his lunch around noon each day from Aug. 11 to 15, according to Pennsylvania State Police, Carlisle.

Wal-mart’s Asset Protection Manager noticed that an employee had been stealing his lunch for the past few weeks, police said.

When the manager asked Lewis about the incidents, he stated that he had been doing so for the past year, police said.

The investigation continues, police said.

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About People of Walmart: I would like stand up, even though alone, to object
publicly to making fun of people. We’re all in the same boat of life together.
Publishing photos of people in order to laugh at them is unkind in the extreme. We
need more understanding, acceptance, and love in this suffering world, not humor
that is essentially unkind or attacking.

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The Blue Belt

When someone sent this into us they titled it “Walmart Ninja”. Now it took me a while, but if you keep a sharp eye and commit yourself to looking you’ll see the ninja. He is pretty damn good.


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From The Mouth Of A Walcreature

Mid July my fiance’ and I took a late night trip to the local Walmart to get a few groceries. We have a local tea house located near Walmart that sells tea with little black tapioca balls in the bottom. As I’m in the makeup aisle I hear a few aisles away my fiance’ yell “WHAT THE F*CK!?” so I took off in that direction. I reached him as he was chewing out a group of college kids who were laughing and walking away from him. I asked what had happened and one of the douchebags had shot 7 tapioca balls at my fiance, hitting him in the face and sticking them to his clothes. I proceeded to pick the tapioca from him, followed the group and threw the balls in their face and told them to grow the f*ck up. I informed an employee who refused to reprimand or remove the delinquents from the store. To make matters worse the group waited for us in the parking lot and proceeded to harass us the entire way to our vehicle. Even better? The group was probably older than we are and acted like they had the mentality of 6 year olds.

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