Wally World Wedding

Wow your wedding cake must be delicious, I see people lined up for it. Can I get the name of your caterer? Oh the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, excellent.


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The Parrothead

Darlin’, I think you’re referrin’ to my song Pina Coladaburg a little song I wrote seven and a half f*cking years before Margaritaville was even on the map! Son of a son of a bitch!


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The Moldy Oldies

Some people might say that it’s old and stale, but I say there is nothing wrong with a bottom biscuit with some “experience” on it. Just cut out the moldy parts and you’re good to go. Right people?


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Perky & Punctual

Now I’m not saying I would, I’m just saying he got some perky ass boobies for a dude and let’s leave it at that.


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