Money In The Bank

My man Willy is straight P-I-M-P-I-N! Whoot Whoot! Damn my man is fly as a mother trucker! Dude’s probably not even Irish and he looks better in green than every person in Ireland put together! It’s the color of money and that’s exactly what he is, money. Straight cash homey!


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Happy As A Clam

So appropriate. But yeah, I’ll believe that like I’ll believe John Skelton is a legitimate NFL QB. Piss off.


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The Lucky Duct

I’m going to settle this right now. Altering your jersey is never acceptable. I get that in today’s pro sports players change teams like they change underwear and jerseys cost an arm and a leg nowadays, but let me tell you why you still can’t butcher an old jersey. (1) If you didn’t buy the jersey of a guy you were confident would last a while on your team, shame on you for being dumb. Example: Tim Tebow Broncos jersey. We all knew that wouldn’t last. Or (2) Like this, the guy played long enough for you to get sufficient use out of the jersey. Buy a new one.


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I Scream For Ice Cream

On a scale of 1 to Jerry Sandusky, how legit is this ice cream van? It looks like they’ve got Choco Tacos so in my expert opinion this van is too legit to quit.

North Carolina

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Three Ring Focus

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